Barking Hound Village Texas is hosting our Ninth annual Kibble and Cocktails event, a fundraiser for DFW Rescue Me, an organization that has adopted out more than 3,300 dogs in less than ten years. Last year, this single event raised more than $100,000 for the organization, for an event grand total of $416,000! We would love to hit $500,000 this year! So with your help, we can make an even bigger difference and save the lives of many dogs in need, specifically the “Justice dogs” that are rescued.

The Justice Fund was created to honor Justice, a four-month-old puppy who was doused with lighter fluid by four men and set on fire April 4, 2012. DFW Rescue Me founder, Jim Wenger, took the puppy (who they named Justice) to Texas A&M Veterinary School of Medicine to receive state-of-the-art treatment.

Justice was only alive for nine days after the incident, but his story touched people all over the world and he has left a legacy of change in the city of Dallas. Never had Dallas Animal Services, Dallas Police Department, District Attorney’s Office, Office of the Mayor, and City Council representatives come together to deliver the message that animal abuse will not be tolerated in their city.

Never had so many people gathered together to memorialize the sacrifice he made. We hope that this message will spread throughout the world. For all Justice gave, and for all he endured, we will never forget him, and will ensure his life was not given in vain.

Every penny of the proceeds raised at Kibble and Cocktails goes directly to the Justice Fund, which works to ensure that other dogs that are victims of abuse or neglect receive the necessary medical care and the opportunity to know the kindness of the human hand that they so deserve.